12 Weeks to Transformation


Knowledge is POWER

Healing is FREEDOM

Learn it - Own it - Release it - Create it




Reality is, that we are here having a very human experience; we cannot forget that.


It really doesn't matter how spiritual you are, how much you meditate, how intuitive you are, how scholarly you are, how old you are and so on. Human is human.  We are here to evolve as a human race and that is easier said than done.  I have never met a person who didn't have stuff in their "backpack" that got in the way of them living their absolute best life.

Over the past many years in working with human behavior, the psyche, belief systems, programming, trauma, chaos, drama, dysfunction, relationships, intuition, a multitude of healing modalities and the like, it is crystal clear to me, that we only know what we know, and we only see what we are ready and willing to see at any given time.  There are specific things that EVERYONE should know about this human experience called life and it goes way beyond just learning about the role of your ego, "fixing your mindset" and healing a trauma.  It is imperative to not only focus on the removal of beliefs, the virtues learned from a specific experience/period in life, and a healing. It is my experience, that unless you gain the knowledge of what else goes on behind the scenes as a human, you will ultimately create the same patterns, behaviors, circumstances and/or disease again. 


In todays society, we have been conditioned to expect immediate results and instant gratification. Sad, but true.  This results in many seeking out band-aide solutions.

If you continue to do the mental-emotional-and/or-spiritual bypass, you cannot expect lasting healing and change.  I am not saying that there aren't many absolutely amazing and effective healing modalities out there because there most certainly are!  Clearly, I believe in them, I am trained in many and use them both personally and professionally.  We are here to learn how to embrace and live through the internal power that we all do possess (whether you believe you have it or not).  Learning to rely on your own power instead of others is priceless.  Part of that power is learning to work with your "humanness" and not against it.  Others can help guide you, yes, and there is value in that.  But seeking out a healer, coach or therapist for an hour or a few is just not going to cut it in the long run.  Embrace being human and the very unique experience that it is.

Knowledge is POWER and healing is FREEDOM; a perfect combination!

In just 12 weeks you are going to learn SO much about yourself, your family/caregivers, your partner, your friends etc. in reference to what programs are running the show, the how and the why.  Through very strategically chosen lessons, assignments and exercises, you will be able to better make decisions that supports your well-being and growth, gain the freedom needed to make new and improved choices and changes so you can begin to fully step into who YOU truly are (and who you want to become) so you can work your magic in the world.

This is for you if:

  • you seek emotional freedom

  • you want to feel more in control of YOU

  • your relationships could be better

  • you are not achieving what you want in your life/career

  • you feel that you don't know yourself

  • you feel lost/stuck/alone

  • you are bothered by your past

  • you are struggling with acceptance

  • you are SO over band-aide solutions

  • you have done therapy and other healing, but you are still not living the life you want

  • you have never done healing or therapy and don't know where to start your healing journey

This is a LIVE course meeting online, once a week, for 1 hour with limited attendees allowing for an intimate experience with more personalized attention.  In the 12 weeks, you will receive 6 lesson style meetings with me and 6 sessions with time for processing assignments and guided experiential exercises for forward movement and healing.  As a bonus, you will also receive a 60 minute personal 1 on 1 healing session with me to be scheduled and completed during the 12 weeks.

The official course launch date is Tuesday June 22, 2021 at 12pm EST.


Your special launch investment is only $1600 per person (will be $2308)!!!

This course is limited to just 4 souls.

This is what people that have gone through the course are saying:

"I look at my life and other people COMPLETELY different already after Susanne's course.  Things that I never thought had affected my life were brought to my attention and I have released so much!  Learning how all these self-destructive and self-limiting patterns and beliefs are truly formed and what is needed to change and move forward from them is SO eye-opening. Honestly, I want my entire family to do this course too."

-Anette, Denmark

"Wow! In a matter a weeks I have learned more about myself than I thought possible. Susanne's approach and knowledge about  people is so different yet it makes total sense.  This is nothing like traditional therapy, it is so much better. I have truly realized that my healing journey does not have to be complicated, nor does my life; what a relief! Thank you!"

-Michelle, FL


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