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Are You Ready To Live The Life You Want?

Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed and wanting to achieve confidence and healthy boundaries with yourself, family and career?  Are you wanting to easily make positive life and relationship decisions to feel in control of your life once and for all and further your personal growth?

If so... you are in the right place!

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Exclusively for those who are craving emotional freedom, self-empowerment, confidence, joy, happiness, and self-love.

Is this you and your life?

  • You have a difficult time saying no

  • You give to much - people pleasing

  • Your mind is like a hamster wheel

  • You have trouble sleeping

  • You have lack of energy/focus

  • You are self-medicating (drugs, alcohol, isolating, overspending, overeating, over exercising, over working)

  • You are lashing out or going quiet

  • You compare yourself to everyone

  • Perfectionism

  • Procrastination

  • You have a hard time following through with goals

  • You have difficulty making decisions

  • Your relationships aren’t give and take

  • You blame yourself for everything

  • You are putting yourself on a timeline and feeling like you are just not “there yet”

  • You hold resentment towards others and past situations

  • You have difficulty communicating your wants and needs

  • You have difficulty expressing your feelings

  • You are afraid to fail

  • You fear taking strides forward because then you will have to live up to the expectations

  • You feel like no one understands you

  • You feel too broken to heal and like it’s too late

  • Maybe you can’t even look at yourself in the eye in the mirror

  • It’s hard for you to stay in the present moment. You are either in the past or the future.

Imagine this instead!

  • Saying no when you can’t or don’t want to do something

  • Calm mind, able to just be, calm body

  • Adequate and restful sleep

  • Increased energy/focus

  • Free of self-medicating habits, healthy relationship with drugs, alcohol, money, food, exercise, work)

  • In control of your emotions, able to respond vs react

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Going with the flow, willing to make mistakes and grow

  • Self-trust

  • Making decisions is easy

  • Healthy and balanced relationships

  • Placing responsibility where it belongs/allowing others the consequences of their decisions

  • Realistic expectations of Self and others

  • Freedom from the past

  • Joy/happiness/Self-love

  • Great communication skills/meeting your wants and needs in healthy ways

  • Expressing your feelings with ease

  • Excited about life and the opportunities

  • You embody Self-understanding/self-connection

  • You feel “part of” community/humanity

  • Feeling understood

  • You are healing/Feeling whole

  • You accept your past/Self-acceptance

  • You are consistently being present and living in the now.

Sounds great right!?

Well, what I just described to you can be achieved through My Infinite Transformation guidance

Now, I know what you might be thinking ...

You are SO over band aide solutions, you've already tried traditional therapy, or you don't think this whole healing thing at all is going to work for you ...

BUT human is human, we ALL have stuff in our backpack, and this human experience certainly did not come with a handbook.

Perhaps you have done some healing wotk already, but it only took you so far and you don't feel like you got the lasting healing change you were looking for. 

Old patterns seem to come creeping back in which makes you think this whole healing thing isn't actually going to work out for you.

This is because you probably only addressed the surface and not the root cause of your emotional prison.

I am not saying that there aren't many absolutely amazing and effective healing modalities out there because there most certainly are!  

Clearly, I believe in them, I am trained in many and use them both personally and professionally

But... In Infinite Transformation we don't just talk about problems. 

We get down to the root and solve the them. 

It's different.


                  You can learn how all these self-destructive and self-limiting patterns and beliefs you                    have are truly formed and what is needed to change and move forward from them                          without having to go to therapy for years and years.

                  And without reliving the pain over and over.

Have you ever wished you just had a blueprint for being a conscious human being and have proven, concrete tools that you can apply in your life today?

That is what My Infinite Transformation consists of!

Knowledge is POWER and healing is FREEDOM; a perfect combination!

Hi, I'm Susanne Mealer.  Your new trusted expert healing guide!

My true passion is helping people who have suffered any form of trauma and/or dysfunction in their life at any age in the most effective way possible so they can live thriving lives. I use techniques that allow for revisiting as opposed to reliving difficult experiences which provides rapid results, emotional freedom, healing, and personal empowerment.

In addition to being a Multi-faceted Quantum Energy Healer, I have a background as Licensed Psychotherapist, Trauma and Dissociation Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist, writer, natural explorer and curious, fitness enthusiast, and a huge dog lover.

I have many years of experience in working with clients who are dealing with mindset issues along with fear and anxiety .......

Why Start Now?

There are specific things that EVERYONE should know about this human experience called life, and it goes way beyond just learning about the role of your Ego, "fixing your mindset", and healing a trauma.  It is imperative to not only focus on the removal of beliefs, the virtues learned from a specific experience/period in life, and a healing.

It is my experience, that unless you also gain the knowledge of what else goes on behind the scenes as a human, you will ultimately create the same patterns, behaviors, circumstances and/or disease again.

If you are ready to break free of these patterns, the best thing to do is just get started.

Ready To Feel In Control Of Your Life?

Don't overthink it! The "how" is my job and I'll teach you.

Ready to feel calm, confident, and emotionally strong in your life?  Ready to have healthy boundaries with yourself, family, and career so you can easily make positive life and relationship decisions?  Ready to feel in control of your life?



A.M. - Ft Lauderdale, FL

"I was suffering from daily intense back pain for a long time, thinking there was no solution.  Susanne helped me uncover hidden beliefs causing the pain and put them behind me. She has opened my eyes to a new world and it was so fast! Working on myself with Susanne has helped me uncover and address roadblocks in my life that not only relieved physical and emotional pain, it has also helped make positive changes for good."

Balancing Rocks

D.P. - Cooper City,FL

“I came to Susanne and was amazed at how fast she was able to help me, especially with my anxiety. After the energy healing, my anxiety dropped significantly and I no longer have the severe panic attacks that were impacting my daily life.  Susanne is a beautiful soul, caring, compassionate and truly invested in helping you overcome anything.”

Lotus Flower

Jennifer E. - Atlanta, GA

“Before I met Susanne, I had tried working with other healers that helped, but it wasn't lasting.  From our initial conversation, Susanne understood me and has helped me along a path of positive change both mentally, physically and spiritually.  I have grown so much, I no longer feel directionless in life and I now actually believe that I can achieve what I want.”

Natural Waterfall

Anette - Denmark

"I look at my life and other people COMPLETELY different already after Susanne's course.  Things that I never thought had affected my life were brought to my attention and I have released so much!  Learning how all these self-destructive and self-limiting patterns and beliefs are truly formed and what is needed to change and move forward from them is SO eye-opening. Honestly, I want my entire family to do this course too."

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